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Las Vegas Trial Lawyer As new a trial lawyer you can rehearse, you can do mock trials, you can do focus groups all you like, but until you’re in front of a live jury with a real client where the stakes are real, there is no replacement for the trial and error of being a […]

Kevin T. Strong is an associate attorney for Prince Law Group and has spent nearly nine years in the legal profession. He began his legal career in October 2010 as a law clerk for The Honorable Frank P. Sullivan of the Eighth Judicial District Court – Family Division. During his time with Judge Sullivan, Kevin […]

A federal appeals court last week ruled against in a case that could expose the online retailer to lawsuits from customers who buy defective products from third-party vendors through its website. Numerous other courts, including two federal appeals courts, have held that Amazon cannot be held liable as a seller of products from third-party […]