Millions of riders rely on ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft for daily transportation. But according to a Consumer Reports review of data from New York City and the Seattle area, a notable number of ride-hail vehicles registered for Uber and Lyft service, about 1 in 6, carry unaddressed safety defects. Among the tens of thousands […]

Most birth injuries involve serious complications that can lead to permanent disabilities and disfigurement, especially if not treated immediately. Left untreated, these injuries can develop into severe consequences that can also lead to your child developing a brain trauma or paralysis. As a new parent, it’s critical to understand and be on the lookout for […]

Please join us in our efforts to bring awareness to the preventable injuries that take place in hospitals every day and share this post with your friends and family. View this post on Instagram Every year, thousands of women die from blood pressure related injuries caused by the negligence of a medical professionals during child […]