Educators who are accused of sexual assault and not ultimately convicted are actually protected through the current agreement that exists between the Clark County School District and the Teacher’s Union. “Local parents need to be made aware that when this happens, no documentation exists moving forward  that the abuse ever occurred,” stressed Dennis Prince, Founder […]

The collective bargaining agreement between the Clark County School District and the teacher’s union actually protects educators accused of sexual assault. “If teachers involved in this predatory activity are not ultimately convicted of a crime, they can be transferred to a new school,” said Dennis Prince, Founder of Prince Law Group. “As a result, there […]

New legislation passed this year and signed into law by Governor Lombardo allows patients and families to place cameras inside patients’ rooms in assisted living homes and other healthcare facilities in Nevada. “This will allow for objective evidence in cases against these facilities,” said Dennis Prince, founder and lead trial counsel at Prince Law Group. […]