Attorney Dennis Prince filed an ethics complaint on February 24, 2022 on behalf of Cheyenne Medical, LLC, which owns Thrive. The complaint accuses Commissioner Miller of making defamatory comments about the business and having “extensive conflicts of interests” because Miller’s law firm previously sued Thrive and represented a dozen of the company’s competitors. Click here […]

Prince Law Group filed the complaint on February 9, 2022 on behalf of the family of Harry Kenneth Peterson III who was killed while operating the rock-crushing machine at a Henderson job site on February 5, 2021. The lawsuit accuses ASTEC of failing to design a jaw crusher machine that could safely rest in a “neutral […]

As a teenager in Las Vegas, Dennis Prince learned a lot from a family friend who was a prominent Lawyer in Nevada. “He would explain to me how rewarding being a lawyer was to him, how intellectually challenging the law was and his passion for being a trial lawyer,” Prince said. “I went to watch […]